Family Life Centre

ROOTED_IN_LOVE_LOGO.pngThe Rooted in Love Family Life Centre exists to make a contribution to the health of family life in Westville and neighbouring areas by sharing of excellent practical tools, based on Scriptural wisdom.

Fellowship and friendship is a huge part of wellbeing, and for this reason, Rooted Café is available as a place to meet up with friends, enjoy a moment of peace in the middle of a busy day, or find someone to chat to.

We also seek to make it easy to access the specialist help that is sometimes required for our children, such as Occupational Therapy, Special Educational Needs advice, Physiotherapy and the like. This is an ongoing work together with any partners we are able to find in the community around us.

We also know that life comes with strains and stresses – sometimes pushing us to the point of what we can bear. Wherever appropriate, we minister the healing presence of God to those who desire it, and some of our courses and activities aim specifically at receiving the gifts of healing and wholeness that God has prepared for us in Jesus Christ.