Worship at St Elizabeth's

Worshipping God together is the most transforming thing we do together. Worshipping God is probably the most important thing that we do. When we worship, we spend time in God’s Presence together, receiving His gifts of Grace and reminding ourselves and each other of the power, love and goodness we find in His Presence, and finally reaffirming our desire to carry and share that Presence wherever we go.

The Anglican way of worship has long treasured the way God gives Himself to us in the way Jesus taught us to share and consecrate Bread and Wine. This is called by many names; Communion, the Lord’s Supper, the Eucharist or Mass. By whichever name it is called, it is a wonderful gift of God’s presence to us, and when we worship together we will almost always receive God’s presence in this way.

We have the following regular times of worship:

Sunday 09:00

A service of Worship and Holy Communion, with Children’s Church

This is our largest service, full of families and children. Our musical worship seeks to remind us of our hunger for God’s presence, and thanksgiving for His always responding to our hunger. There is a provision for children to learn about the Bible, to sing and to pray to God in the hall next door during about half of the total service.

Sunday Service Livestream